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Surrey cat owners trust Cyber Cat Lodge to care for their beloved pet while they’re away. Read reviews from pet parents of our past guests.

Our Cats Feel at Home with You

Hi Lisa and Uwe,

Knowing that you are there when I need to travel is such a comfort. Being able to see them on the webcam is great, even though I can often not do that because of the location that I go to.

They do not like to be put in their carriers, but when we take them out in either of your cat suite rooms, they immediately go to favourite places, and it is obvious that they feel at home with you.

You have earned both their and my trust, and that is so much appreciated!

—Mary L.

Will Definitely Call When We Take Our Next Trip

Dear Lisa and Uwe,

Thanks so much for taking such great care of Bella and Scooter when we were away! When we came back they were healthy and happy!!! And it was so great to see them on the web camera while away since we missed them very much! You 2 are the BEST and we will definitely be calling you when we take our next trip!

P.S. Bella and Scooter say hi!

Thanks again :-)

—Amy and Richie

Our Cats Looked Healthy and Happy

Lisa and Uwe,

Thank you very much for looking after Lacey and Molly. They looked healthy and happy when they came back home after their visit with you. Being able to keep an eye on them was an extra bonus. Whenever we phoned home, regardless which family member we talked to, they all said that they had been keeping an eye on our cats on the webcam and that they were fine.

We highly recommend Cyber Cat Lodge.

—Donna and Derek de J.

Appreciated Being Able to See Our Cat

Thank you very much for looking after Kissa over the holidays! He looked great when we came home and was happy and goofy as ever!

We really appreciated being able to see him during our trip and the rest of our family thought it was an awesome idea.


—Sophie and Peter

Definitely Recommend to My Friends

Hi Lisa and Uwe,

Choochi is doing great and is a happy cat :)

Thank you both for taking such good care of her. I'll definitely contact you if I have to leave her again, and of course, recommend you to my friends if they need the service.

Thanks again!


Could Not Have Asked for Better Assistance

Moving 2 cats anywhere is difficult, let alone to Mexico. Uwe Hans and Lisa did a terrific job. Dewey and Tani were treated very professionally and arrived in Monterrey in excellent health. Uwe Hans' attention to detail is superb. We could not have asked for better assistance. Dewey and Tani are now thriving as Mexican citizens and are responding to Spanish in fine fashion. Thank you both very much!

—Alan and Nora S.

A Purrrfect Time

Thank you for a purrrfect time at your wonderful kitty hotel. I had a great time. I am punishing my 'mom' though for leaving me while she had fun in the sun in Mexico.

You took such good care of me, I look forward to being your guest again next January. If I am lucky, my mom will go on a short vacation in the summer and I can come and visit you again.

You are top notch!

Many thanks and muchas gracias,

—Harry F.

Can’t Wait!

Can't wait, less than 3 months to go.

—Harry F.

First Visit!

Can't wait to see you in January for my first time visit. My mum, Lil, loved the space that will be mine for 5 glorious weeks in January.

See you soon.


Time with You was Healing

Hi Hans and Lisa!

It has been such a pleasure to have my 2 cats back with me again. They settled into their new home so quickly!

The added surprise, on having them settle in, is that one cat, who took a year to purr after I rescued him, has purred almost every time he has settled down or that I have paid any attention to him at all. He has gone from enjoying the occasional lap cuddle to hopping onto my lap regularly. I feel so honoured!

My other cat, who had previously been reluctant to allow affection, actually curled up beside me and let me stroke her and purred—for over half an hour!

The time and love that you gave to these 2 animals has resulted in them being more socialized. After an incredibly stressful few months, they have come to their new home rested, well and happy. Their time with you at Cyber Cat Lodge has been healing, and it is such a joy to have a place that we can call "home" together again.

Thank you so much!


Such a Comfort

Dear Lisa and Hans,

I had no idea how much I would appreciate being able to see my 2 kitties while they are in your care.

It is such a comfort to know that my sweeties are being so well cared for in my absence. I love to look at the updated pictures of the "Guest Cats", which you have added to in the last few weeks, too. Such beautiful animals, and they seem to be enjoying themselves so much.

This website is great, and so is your lodge.


Happy to Know There is Such a Caring Service

Hi Hans and Lisa,

I have not needed your services as of yet but I am so happy to know there is such a caring service should the need arise. I spoke with you last year about your service and I was going to board Abby with you but my son took her instead. I am sure I will be calling on you though in the future.


'Puss' Story

Hi Lisa and Hans!

Puss here to thank you for taking such excellent care of me during the 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays when my parents left me with you. I haven’t shut up yet about the fun time I had there with you! I go on and on about how much fun play time was, and the fish tank too, how relaxed I was and how I was able to catch up on so much sleep! I can’t wait to go back and get another good rest (I have a 1-year-old younger bratty brother who bothers me all the time and now he wants to go too!). Because I talk about you all the time, I was so convincing, my parents are going away again in April and May so I get to come and visit you again! I can’t wait. Mom said she was watching me on video while she was gone and had the whole family looking at me turning from one sleeping position to another. Who knew I could be so popular?

Thanks again for all the cuddles and attention you gave me.


—PussStory for Michelle and Scott

We Will Always Come Back

I can't say enough about the high standard of care you gave our cats! And seeing the cats online during our long holiday was such a comfort, it helped us to have a guilt-free good time. We will always come back to Cyber Cat Lodge whenever our cats need to be away from home.

Thanks so much,

—Claire, Norm, Mitzi, Molly and Holly (and "wildcat" Charlie too!)

Thank You for the Wonderful Care

Thank you for the wonderful care you took of our cats! We know that you gave them lots of TLC while they stayed at the lodge. And it was so nice to be able to 'see' them from time to time while we were away! They will definitely be staying with you again when we travel.


Robert, Lorrine and Buddy and Cleo

Level of Attention and Professionalism is Superb

Run by amazing people, who truly care about the well-being of the cats in their care. Excellent facility and awesome service, even in difficult circumstances. The level of attention and professionalism is superb. I would highly recommend Cyber Cat Lodge.

—Victoria Y.


Wow! I am so glad you gave me your card. I am very impressed by your website and facilities and know that my cats will be in great hands next time I go on vacation!!

Thank you!

—Bianca C.

Would Use Your Services in a Heartbeat

Hello!! Boy am I glad that I stumbled upon this website. I know a lot of cat lovers/owners who would use your services in a heartbeat. This site is great by the way, very user friendly and wonderfully done...very professional.

Good job!!

—Lisa E.


Looks great! We'll have our cat over soon!

—Dan C.

Very Impressed

A friend just sent me your website. I am not in the market for cat care at this time but who knows in the future. I was quite surprised when I saw your cat Lila. She is the spitting image of my male cat—although Lila looks a tad smaller. Is she a Blue Point? My cat's (Rufus) parentage is a Blue Point father and a Snowshoe mother.

My friend will probably being using your services as she was, as am I, very impressed with your facilities, etc.

—Jackie W.

Love Your Concept

Absolutely love your concept of a cat lodge. Well-designed and reassuring to your prospective guests. I would leave my pampered feline in your care without trepidation!

—Jeanetta M.

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